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Multilateral Agreements

IOSCO Multilateral Memorandum of Understanding

Concerning Consultation and Cooperation and the Exchange of Information OICV-IOSCO.

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The list of signatories is available on IOSCO website.


Other Multilateral Agreements


  • Windsor Declaration (1995)

The CVM is a signatory of this Declaration, signed between regulators of 16 countries, in charge of the supervision of key derivative markets worldwide. These regulators met in Windsor (United Kingdom) in May 1995 aiming to evaluate the consequences of the derivative markets activities increase. The Windsor Declaration is an offspring of this meeting, and it aims at international cooperation and information exchange among signatories in order to mitigate systemic risk and to promote investor protection.


  • Boca Raton Declaration (1996)

The CVM also endorsed the Boca Raton Declaration (Declaration on cooperation and supervision of international futures markets and clearing organizations). It is a declaration sided to a MMoU signed between more than 50 futures exchanges worldwide, in which they endorse the MMoU, which aims to facilitate and strengthen information exchange. Regulators of the following countries have endorsed this declaration: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, The Netherlands, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, United States of America, and United Kingdom.